We offer our suppliers marketing on markets far away from home. Our markets are often complex and volatile. With our marketing knowledge we support our suppliers with accurate information. To create added value to our suppliers we identify the most suitable market for specific products


We have more than 30 years of experiance of the timber industry and have great knowledge in distributing our suppliers products to the right customers in different parts of the world. We can offer either one specific product or a wide specification of various products that suits our customers 


In order to offer flexible payment methods that suit our customers requirements we work closely with major banks worldwide. Our company handles all risk including payment and political risk to specific markets


Our company provides all the needed import documents for the destination country and have expertise in handling special requested import documentation. We handle all documentation to our markets


We work closely with freight forwarding and shipping companies to always provide competitive freight costs to our customers. We ship on a regular basis to our customers either with bulk vessels or container vessels


We are able to offer sawmills and the timber industry consulting services regarding management and production as well as quality